Facilitating an Eco-Conscious Shift in the Industry


We appreciate and enjoy fresh florals and our intention is not replace them completely. Until recently, there was nothing like a fresh-cut, bunch of stems. But, technology has advanced and the way faux stems are produced is light-years from what it used to be, bringing us life-like products that don't feel much like a compromise at all. Because we believe that we can all make an effort to reduce the waste generated by weddings, and because we now have access to a comparable alternative, we're striving to make sustainable choices easier by providing beautiful, affordable options for those that seek them.

While most people know that fresh flowers can be expensive, they're largely are unaware of the added ecological cost:

  • The majority of the most in-demand flowers are grown in Central and South America, and then flown internationally via energy-intensive air freight.
  • In order to grow the most desirable stems, growers typically use fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, and large amounts of water.
  • Flowers require refrigerated transport which further contributes to the high carbon footprint.
  • Most flowers are thrown away after one event. If not composted correctly, they end up in landfills where they decay and emit methane gas.



Manufacturing of any kind produces waste and carbon emissions; our manufacturers are no exception. However, our focus on product quality is paramount in our strategic sourcing process. We source faux florals of the most durable materials to ensure a long product life. The longer we can reuse the flowers, the smaller the environmental impact, as the cost is distributed over multiple uses.

Environmental change is a practice and we are always striving to make better decisions. What's encouraging is knowing that we're not alone in our efforts. As more research is completed and more alternative products made widely available, it is easier than ever for more people to choose more responsibly.

A Floral Carbon-Footprint Study conducted by our peers at The Silk Stem Collective has some incredible information regarding the waste-creating and waste-saving measures within our industry. Clink on link above to read the full article. It's a great read!

In an article published by Vogue in February of 2024 entitled: How to Throw an Elevated Eco-Friendly Wedding, Shelby Wax writes: "Thankfully, the wedding industry has made some concerted efforts to create solutions that can reduce your event’s carbon footprint while also maintaining the caliber of your event. “As a wedding planner and designer, it’s our social responsibility to implement sustainable practices whenever possible to ensure that our celebrations contribute positively to the well-being of the environment and the communities we engage with,” shares Tracy Taylor Ward, Owner and Creative Director of Tracy Taylor Ward Design. “There are a plethora of eco-conscious practices vendors and couples alike can implement at their events in efforts to ensure their celebrations are as sustainable as possible.”

Wild Aisle is committed to doing what we can, when we can and will always re-evaluate our choices. Join us in sustainable celebrations!