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Wild Aisle Florals

Mindo Aisle Meadows

Mindo Aisle Meadows

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Characterized by their natural movement, the Mindo Aisle Meadows come in a set of twelve, airy arrangements. The potential to position these versatile arrangements are truly endless! The most obvious and classic use is to set them against guest chairs and make a garden-like aisle way... perfection! But, think beyond that and envision them set in a semi-circle to create a meadow-like ground arch at the altar. Picture a few of them at the base of an arch, fanning outwards to fill the altar with flowers! See them framing the sweetheart table or the bar, continuing the feeling of an indoor garden brought to life!

These gorgeous little gardens are filled with texture from open-faced blush-colored peonies; leggy white delphinium and ; white snowball and green limelight hydrangeas; classic, garden rose stems in white and peach; Chantilly-white Snowflake snapdragons; layered mauve ranunculus; cheerful white cosmos; blush rose buds; delicate, white lisianthus; and lush greenery like pothos and clematis. 

The Mindo Aisle Meadows can be customized by adding blooms of an accent color, but no florals shown in the photos can be removed. 

Rental includes: 12 individual arrangements
Dimensions: Approximately 2.5ft height x 2.5ft width each




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